Interior designer

Marina Putilovskaya

Марина Путиловская, художник по интерьерам

Today Marina Putilovskaya is one of the most popular and professional interior designers in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States. Her name has become a premium brand in the world of classic nterior design.

For 25 years Marina Putilovskaya has been creating high-level classical interiors, where each of her projects is a masterpiece. It is always a new approach and new ideas in creating an impeccable interior.

Many people say that she is a real virtuoso and expert in classical interiors and her projects are works of art.

She has projects all over the world. In her portfolio dozens of public and hundreds of private interiors, each of which is unique, full of author’s details: marble panels, stained glass, forging, expensive furniture, unique chandeliers. Each element of the interior is designed by Marina Putilovskaya manually, and in every detail is seen her favourite motive of nature, which makes her interiors alive.

Marina Putilovskaya has become a designer in the early ninetieth. She has graduated the best Russian university of art «Strogonovka» on the specialty «the artist of the interiors». In a few years she has become an owner of her design bureau.

Annually, the «Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya» becomes the winner of international prizes, contests and tenders. And the best world companies are fighting for her to become their invited designer and create for them a unique collection of furniture, lightning, fabrics or accessories.

In 2010 «Design of bureau of Marina Putilovskaya» has won a tender for design of the Russian Patriarch residence in St. Danilov Monastery.

In 2011 during ISaloni Milano, she organized series of events «Days of Marina Putilovskaya», where during 3 days she presented her special collections with Italian companies «Jumbo Collection», «Mechini», «Riva Mobili D’Arte» and «Boiserie Italia».

In 2013, the Foundation of the Russian Imperial House commissioned the interior designer Marina Putilovskaya to become an official partner and create an exclusive collection of chandeliers and furniture in honor of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.

In 2014 «Design bureau of Marina Putilovskaya» has won a tender for the design of the restaurant zone in central historical hotel «National» in Moscow.

To become a client of Marina Putilovskaya is very prestigious. Among her clients are famous politicians, businessmen and celebrities.

She builds a house, where you want to live. Her moto is — «We dream together with you and we build your dream».